Ladies, a Plate:

Jams and Preserves


If you have ever been disheartened by a batch of jam that just won’t set, or intimidated by the thought of bottling fruit – this is the book for you. In the latest of her ‘Ladies, a Plate’ series of best-selling cook books, Alexa Johnston aims to remove all fear and trepidation from the processes of making jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys, sauces and bottling fruit – and even fruit cordials and liqueurs. Alexa introduces the recipes with the stories and historical notes which her readers have come to expect and which add another level of enjoyment to reading and using her books. Any home cook who follows her clear instructions and foolproof recipes will soon be sitting back and admiring rows of colourful jars on the pantry shelf. And the book includes a set of self-adhesive labels to add the finishing touch to your preserves. With over 100 traditional and contemporary preserves ‘Ladies, a Plate: Jams and Preserves’ celebrates the pleasures and rewards of a time-honoured branch of cookery and Alexa includes many tips for serving and eating preserves. Jam on toast or chutney with cheese are just the beginning. This is a must for every cook and every kitchen.