What's for Pudding:

From the author of Ladies, a Plate


What’s for pudding tonight? In her third cook book, Alexa Johnston provides over 70 answers to that all-important question, since the main course may be the main event, but pudding is what everyone is waiting for. Continuing the themes of her best-selling baking books, Alexa has sought out the finest versions of favourite recipes from skilled home cooks of the past, and has personally tested them all. Her pudding selection includes everything from Lemon Delicious to Sticky Date Pudding; from Rhubarb Crumble to fragrant Feijoa Mousse; from smooth vanilla ice cream to wobbly orange jelly; from Baked Rice Pudding to Spanish Cream – all of them tried and true. And for a festive dinner why not try Peaches and Cream Pie, Chocolate Mousse, a Date and Chocolate Torte or flaming Baked Alaska? Or you could always stay with the classic Apple Pie of domestic happiness. Any of these puddings will bring joy and delight to family and guests alike.