The savoury 'course' is the genteel opening to any afternoon tea or supper. We know we should eat a small sandwich or a cheese pastry before we dive into the sponge kisses or lamingtons - and if they are delicious enough we are likely to go back for more at the end. These are the kind of recipes that appear in the 'Some Cheese Notions' chapter of the Women's Institutes' Home Cookery Book - old faithfuls and firm favourites.

  • Cheese Turnovers

    Cheese Turnovers

    I found this recipe in the 'Otago Witness' while researching a book about Frances Hodgkins's paintings for the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Looking through newspapers on microfilm to find small mentions of your research topic... More »

  • Savoury Pinwheel Scones

    Savoury Pinwheel Scones

    Judging by its regular occurrence in community cookbooks, this was a popular type of savoury scone. The base is a plain scone dough, spread with a seasoned cheese and potato mixture, then rolled up and... More »

  • Hungarian Cheese Biscuits

    Hungarian Cheese Biscuits

    These melting morsels are rather simply named, but luxurious to eat. The recipe comes from Mariska Vizvari's aptly titled book, 'Treasure Trove of Hungarian Cookery' published in 1961, and given to me by George Haydn.... More »

  • Cheese Busters

    Cheese Busters

    A very simple and very moreish cheese biscuit. The dough is a rich mixture and although most recipe books suggest rolling it out, I find that maddeningly difficult, so I make it into a roll... More »

  • Bath Oliver Biscuits

    Bath Oliver Biscuits

    Bath Oliver Biscuits date from the eighteenth century when the fashionable spa town of Bath was a centre for all good things in England and fertile ground for medical men who specialised in soothing the... More »